How To Avoid Food Poisoning Eating At Eateries/Restaurants

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Often, when we write articles highlighting the dangers or potential hazards inherent in some foods and how they cause harm to our health when we consume them, we get a lot of abusive comments, telling us how “dirt cannot kill Africans”. On a particular article where we explain the potential dangers in eating Suya, someone — surprisingly a lecturer in one University of Technology commented in pidgin, “na over sabi dey kill pass” (meaning knowing too much kills more).

We would like to implore people to just try and take their health issues more seriously. When they see warning on foods they consume, even when they doubt the source, they should try to seek more information elsewhere to clear any doubts they might have.

People sometimes get food poisoning by eating foods prepared by themselves at home and sometimes by eating foods at eateries and restaurants. I have seen more cases of people having food poisoning after eating foods at eateries than in their homes.

Food Poisoning

Not long ago, we published articles, explaining what food poisoning is, and how to know if you have it and how to prevent its occurrence at home. Those articles are still available via their various links (clickable above), and this one, will give you tips and pieces of advice on preventing food poisoning when you eat outside.

First of all, let me share with you some statistics and information on occurrences and cases of food poisoning in Nigeria;

Professor of Food Science and Technology, Alfred Ihenkuronye, has said that more than 200,000 persons die of food poison in Nigeria annually. The sad thing is that, many would not even know it is food poisoning. They just look at the symptoms and try to treat that alone.

Managing Consultant at First HACCP System, Mrs. Zainab Akanji reported that 99% of Nigerians eat outside (eateries, restaurants, parties) and adverse effects are underreported.

She added,

So I feel there is need because most times a lot of people fall sick, there is high increase in diseases now traced back to food issues and when you compromise food safety it causes adverse effect on people ranging from cancer to stomach ache, diarrhoea. In fact almost everybody in the world has had food poisoning case at one point or another either from the minute one of frequent going to the toilet, to vomiting, to the acute one that sometimes people don’t live to tell the stories, which causes death sometimes due to the contamination of food.

Here are Tips For Avoiding Food Poisoning At Eateries

Click 2 (page 2) below to start reading the tips to follow…

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