Top 4 Foods Women Must Avoid During Pregnancy

No doubts, I have soft feeling for pregnant women. I sighted one recently and felt pregnant women should be given utmost care in order to help them bring forth healthy babies. The need to do this is because during the developmental stage of pregnancy, the foetus are quite fragile and any unhealthy action by their mothers can lead to serious medical conditions for both mother and child. Certainly, one of the major things that can promote the health of mother and child during pregnancy is good food.

Pregnant woman

As an expectant mother, you should understand that it is no longer the usual that must go into your stomach as the growth of your unborn child is determine by whatever you put into your system. In recent times, many pregnant women have faced birth related issues due to poor choice of diet.during pregnancy. To avoid this, you must decide to quit certain unhealthy foods for pregnant women. Find below a list of the top four foods to avoid.

Top Foods Pregnant Women Must Avoid

Navigate through this article by clicking on page 2 below and so on. There you will see foods to avoid during pregnancy and why they should be avoided.


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Oladipupo Abioye
Oladipupo is a Pediatric Nutritionist with Lagos State Ministry of Health. He is an adventurous foodie and loves to teach and render presentations on foods and nutritional topics at different symposia. He loves Messi but Chelsea FC is his baby.


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