(VIDEO) Tricks I Use To Remove Boiled Egg Shell Smoothly

Removing the shells of boiled eggs can sometimes be a pain. If you cook and eat eggs often, you would instantly understand what I am talking about. Nobody really likes an egg that has been bruised all around while trying to remove the eggshell. I have tried several tricks recommended by people in the past to smoothly remove eggshells but they all did not work every time.

how to peel egg easily

This trick I am going to share with you works 100% of the time. I have used it over and over again but I never thought of sharing with you here on FoodsNG until some days ago when a friend visit and said “Wow, this is cool”, while I was trying to remove the shells from two eggs I boiled. This was when I realized I should share it with more people.

So, how do I smoothly remove the shell from my boiled eggs?

Steps for smoothly peeling boiled eggshells!

First of all, you must have at least two boiled eggs to remove shells from. Boil your eggs and make sure they are hard enough before you take them off the burner.

Take a bowl of cold water and put these eggs in there, immediately after taking them out of the cold water.

Now, get a glass cup and fill about half of it with cold water

Put the two eggs in the glass cup and use your right hand palm to cover the open end

Place your left hand palm below the cup and shake the cup as seen in the video above

Now, remove your eggs and smoothly peel of the shells flawlessly.

How To Easily Peel Eggs With Iced Water

It is advisable to use older eggs for boiling. If the eggs were previously in the refrigerator, bring them to room temperature before boiling. Now it is time to boil your eggs, make sure they are boiled enough and then turn the stove off.

Leaving the cooking pot on the stove with the eggs still inside the water. After 14 minutes, place the eggs into ice water and it should peel easily inside.

There is also the microwave option but this does not come without its own dangers. It is one of the reasons we are not going to talk about it in this article.

If you like this and try it out, share the outcome with us. Also, if you have any Food Recipes, Food Tricks and Hacks, share them with us by sending to [email protected] and we shall post them on FoodsNG.com, BBM Channel and give you credit for it.


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