Here Is Why You Purge/Stool After Eating Leafy Vegetables

Many people have always wondered why they “purge” whenever they eat leafy green vegetables, especially the Celosia argentea var. argentea or Lagos spinach (Efo Soko) and Amaranthus hybridus (Efo Tete). For me, the former makes me really purge the day after consuming it and since when I was in high school, I knew the reason for this because I read about it after finding.

I was chatting with a couple of girls last week when one of them informed me that she no longer eat leafy vegetables because they make her go to the toilet and produce watery stool. These leafy vegetables are very rich in nutrients and are not foods one would give up on. This is one of the reasons we advised that people should avoid chopping their vegetables in the market.

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Why Do I Purge or Stool After Eating Vegetables (Efo)

When we eat leafy vegetables, which by the way are very rich in minerals, they pass through the digestive tract and end up at the small intestine. Nutrients are absorbed by the inner walls of the small intestine into the blood stream, so it is faster and easier when the food touches the wall of the intestine. In the small intestine, the fiber, which is abundant in the vegetables absorb water and swell up. This makes the food to touch the walls of the small intestines and makes digestion faster.

This fiber also ensures regular bowel movements by preventing toxic buildup in the digestive tract. This can make you visit the toilet more often than you normally do. This also prevents the development of digestion problems, including constipation.

If you have read our article on constipation and how to manage constipation at home in the past, you would recall that one of the foods we mentioned for managing constipation is leafy vegetables. They are really very important in our diet.

Even if they make you “purge”, leafy green vegetables are foods that you should eat often because they help digestion of foods and make the absorption of the nutrients in the food you have eaten easier. This “purging” is an “unavoidable evil” you have to embrace. This case is different from the way you purge when you eat beans and that is why we share ways by which you can cook beans to prevent farting or purging after eating it.


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