Thin People Could Be In More Danger Of Fat Than Fat People

You have heard about cardiovascular heart diseases and how fat people could be in danger of it and you just think, “I am not fat, so I have nothing to worry about”. Well, you may be right and you may be wrong. Thin people could be in danger of these diseases too — in fact, they could be in more danger of fat than people who are visibly fat. Yeah, mark the word “VISIBLY”.

I have explained in one of the posts published on this site that when we consume too much foods that are high in fat and carbohydrates, our body store the excess as fat. That is why we are always advised to minimize our consumption of foods that will make you fat (high calorie foods).

So, I Am Not Fat, How Could I Be In Danger of Fat-related Diseases?

I will try to explain this in simple and clear terms. Fats are being stored in different ways in our body and I mentioned this when I talked about some of the foods that cause fat belly and the common foods that can help fight fat belly. People with fat belly basically store most of their fats in tissues of their tummy. This is a fact that we are all familiar with.


The way our body store fat and the hence the type of fat we have in our bodies can be classified into two – cutaneous and visceral. The former, which involves storing fat under skin tissues is better in my opinion. This way, you can tell that you are getting too much fat and fight it head on.

The latter involves storing fat around organs including the vital ones like kidney, liver, heart, etc. This is what makes it dangerous because from outside, you are looking all slim and without much fat but the organs are suffering inside. You would agree with me now that cutaneous (skin) fat is better than visceral fat.

You should endeavour to always check your weight from time to time. With this you can always calculate your Body Mass Index to determine if you are underweight, overweight or even obese. You can use our free online BMI calculator to do that now (link opens in new tab).

If you find out that you are overweight, obese or very close to overweight, you should start watching what you eat and also start exercising. You could also consult a medical doctor or a nutritionist to advise you on further steps to take.

I hope this post brings it to the awareness of everyone that anyone could be in danger of diseases that are caused by fats and their compositions. I am going to write about the types of fats that are dangerous to us and the foods they can be found in. I will also take time to write about the diseases that are caused by these fats and their symptoms.

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