Fatty Foods: How To Eat Fats To Lose Body Fats

I do not know where people get the notion that a “No fat diet” is good for the body or for those in the train of weight lost. No other food macro nutrient has been demonized and labelled in the bad light as much as Fats. It also surprises me to hear of how some nutritionists or dietitians plan such Zero fat diets for patients who seek professional advice on weight loss. I have never done it before and I would not.

The results of weight loss and improved nutrition based on a calculated fat inclusion diet which I have planned for all of my clients have been remarkable. Hey, I am not say you should go all out for those burgers, deep fried foods, and other trans-fat loaded meals. I am saying; for you to effectively ensure you lose those pounds of fats and never see them again, there is need for you to include some amount of healthy fats.

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So, How Does Fat Make One Lose Fat

One interesting thing about fats is the satiating effect it gives to your entire body system. It takes longer time for fats to be digested and so they stay longer in your digestive tracks while keeping you less hungry unlike other food groups like carbohydrates which are quickly digested. When food manufacturer come up with a low fat or no fat snacks, they most like would have added loads of sugars and its ally in order to sweeten or flavour the foods. Be careful, it is a scam.

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It is clear that many certain vitamins can only be digested and transported with the help of fats. These are fats soluble vitamins which include vitamins A, D, E, and K. Many body functions, including: Vision, healthy skin and hair quality function better if you eat a diet rich in healthy fats. When you limit your fat intake, you’re limiting your ability to transport and absorb these fat soluble vitamins which eventually help your body to metabolize fat.

Many people that I have seen following a regime of “No fat diet” always gain back the weight as they cannot sustain a continuous diet without fats. I have repeatedly said to those who care to listen that include foods like peanuts, canola oil, avocados and coconut oil are critical in weight management. Research has also reiterated that individuals who include a certain percentage of fats in their weight loss diet lose fat easily than those who do not include any fat in their diet.

You should note that fat is good and healthy. You should not be scared of eating healthy fats at calculated amount, what you should be scared of is high calorie foods with very low nutrients, usually those loaded with sugars and no nutrients carbs.

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